Nickel Communications combines time-proven public relations strategies and digital media to help each of our clients rise to the top in today’s super-competitive marketplace. We act as a part of your business team, supporting you and fueling your growth.


Nickel helps you cultivate a business identity that makes you stand out from the competition and causes your customers to see you as the only solution to their needs. We conduct a thorough brand assessment to evaluate the consistency of how customers perceive your brand, what steps may need to be taken. If your marketplace is flooded with competitors, we'll help you carve out a new niche, without abandoning some tried and true approaches that brings you to the attention of the media, existing customers and prospects.

Communications Strategy

We'll develop a communications framework that helps your organization communicate effectively and adhere to your core objectives. We'll ensure that your press/PR, web, social media, advertising, editorial and marketing plans all fit within that framework, so your messaging is always consistent and everyone in your organization remains in step.

Corporate Communications

In today's networked society, simply keeping your company’s stakeholders and/or shareholders as well as the public informed in a timely and efficient manner is not enough. Now, they need opportunities to engage with your brand in order to form (and hopefully share) favorable perceptions of your organization. That means taking a "big picture approach" to your internal and external communications so that your business shines through clearly, consistently, and credibly.

Content Development

One of the biggest challenges businesses face is generating content that grabs the interest of customers and prospects and keeps them coming back and/or remembering you. White papers, ebooks, blog posts, infographics, case studies, newsletters, articles, videos, etc. are invaluable parts of the communications landscape, too. We'll help you generate content that showcases your expertise and establishes you as a thought leader and trusted resource in your field.

Crisis Communications

Sooner or later, every organization will face an unexpected event; the key lies in preparation. Nickel Communications can help you develop your crisis communications plan and consistent messaging that guides you through the turbulence so that you know what to say, how to say it and to whom.

We will give you the necessary media training so you can proactively respond to, and recover from unplanned events. We’ll help you and your staff craft a message that turns media and stakeholders (and let’s not forget end users can be powerful spokespeople, too!) into allies in resolving the situation.

Event Management

We'll be your project managers for any function you have in mind, from trade shows and promotional events to more intimate meet-and-greets with journalists and influencers, always leveraging the opportunity to promote your services and communicate with your customers and potential customers. We'll devise the event concept and handle the logistics: budgeting, scheduling, site selection, speaker arrangements, decor, and catering down to the selection of glassware and napkins!).

Inbound Marketing

The digital tools of buying ads or email lists have made room for including quality content that organically pulls in people to your website and consequently your company, product or services. We'll help you align you with your messaging, so you naturally attract that inbound traffic to your marketing funnel.

Internal Communication

Engaging your employees so that they work together as a collaborative, cohesive whole is essential to the health and productivity of your organization. We'll help you explain your company's vision and position to your internal audience in a way helps them be more effective in their individual roles. We'll help you build trust and cooperation between the various employee groups or galvanize them behind a new initiative using email blasts or regular e-newsletters.

Media Relations

Third-party endorsement nudges prospects closer from uncommitted or unaware to making a purchase, convinces current customers that they made the right choice. By cultivating relationships with media personnel covering your field or industry, we'll help you garner coverage that fits with your objectives. We identify the key players, keep them regularly updated on your big news and aggressively, establish your credibility, seek opportunities to share your brand stories so you receive the coverage you deserve.

Sales and Marketing Support

The lines between public relations and marketing have become increasingly blurry over the years, but both fields have the same objective: to helping your organization succeed! We'll work with your in-house marketing department so that our efforts complement their initiatives and objectives, and ultimately move the needle on your bottom line.

Media Training

Our media training services will help you field tough questions with poise, communicate your message with confidence, 
nd nail the interview. We'll coach you how to think on your fet and what pitfalls to avoid. Plus, we'll share techniques that'll put your spokespeople in charge of the situation, no matter how high the pressure.

Social Media

From brand awareness to customer retention, from customer service to crisis response, social media serves as an invaluable support to your business. Blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. -- leveraging the right platform can boost your business objectives to the next level.  Nickel will help you develop a social media strategy that builds your followers and expands your business.


We'll find you mutually beneficial strategic partnerships -- from tradeshows to bloggers-- to highlight your organization's expertise and values and optimize your return on investment.

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