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cweiser“Nickel Communications consistently sends on-target pitches that let us know they have taken the time to know our audience and content. Their long experience in the edtech industry gives them an advantage over PR firms with less experience because they know the language and nuances of this niche industry. I know that when I need a resource for an article, I can turn to Nickel Communications to find information that is appropriate, professional, and timely.”  – Christine Weiser, Managing Editor 

scholasticadministratorScholastic Administrator

GTNBNTOq_400x400“I’ve worked with Charlotte for years and can rely on her unerring eye for a story possibility, willingness to work to meet any requests I have for information, and thorough knowledge of the education market. That she wraps this package up with an enthusiastic personality and good cheer is a welcome bonus.”   – Wayne D’Orio, Editor in Chief

Paget Hetherington

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAg_AAAAJDA3NGI1YzY4LWMyNTYtNDk5ZS05MWI5LTI3OTQ4ODZmZjZjMw“I’ve worked with Charlotte for over seven years. As the marketing director of Lexia Learning and later as the Vice President of Global Marketing at Mimio, I worked with Charlotte who was responsible for a majority of our national PR and Communication activities for these two companies. Her insightful understanding of the edtech industry combined with her determination and her extremely bright personality make for a PR force like none other. As a topnotch professional, she is incredibly well respected in the industry, and thus is able to command for her clients’ excellent editorial coverage. But Charlotte’s skills expand far further than just the classic PR realm – she has a thorough understanding of social media, marketing, business development, and general educational issues. Her written work is stellar. I know that 100% of the time I can rely upon Charlotte to present the most targeted, pithy copy that tells the perfect story.

Finally, and above all else, Charlotte is both steadfastly reliable no matter what the circumstances or deadlines, and a consummate team player. She often feels like an internal employee rather than taking on the role of a PR consultant. Charlotte has been an absolute pleasure to work with these past many years, as well as one of my most trusted resources as a VP of Marketing.”  – linkedin-icon Paget Hetherington, Marketing Director at Lexia Learning / Vice President of Global Marketing at Mimio

dimensionuDimension U

“Working with Charlotte Andrist (Nickel Communications) is great for all aspects of PR. My company has always had very positive experiences and results, and I would highly recommend Nickel Communications to other education companies seeking PR assistance. Charlotte is extremely good at managing client expectations and then delivering above and beyond those expectations. She is well connected in the ED space and has experience with other industries, which is helpful in getting more mainstream attention when needed. Charlotte never fails to continually seek out, seize, and present PR opportunities, and she always lets the client drive decisions while giving the appropriate level of knowledgeable guidance. Most importantly, she is a real pleasure to work with – a real ‘PR Bulldog’ that is always looking out for the best interest of the client.”    – Steven Hoy, CEO of DimensionU, Inc.

lexiaLexia Learning

“You won’t find a more knowledgeable and insightful ed-tech PR professional than Charlotte Andrist. However, her impact goes far beyond just the realm of communications. Her experience of educational publishing, and her knowledge of how ed-tech companies tick, makes her an invaluable resource. Charlotte provides outstanding public relations service, but also provides the counsel on how to maximize the value of PR by connecting it to other parts of the business. Her clients will find her to be a candid and trusted advisor, and she instantly makes any sales and marketing organization better.”    – Collin Earnst, Vice President, Marketing, Lexia Learning (a Rosetta Stone Company)

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