Whooo’s Reading – Impact on Struggling Readers

Multiple Studies Prove Students’ Reading Skills Soar with Whooo’s Reading 

Research Shows Gamification Platform Can Spur Growth Three to Four Times Above Expected Levels, Particularly for Struggling Students

San Diego — April 11, 2016 — Three new studies have confirmed that students who use the Whooo’s Reading platform make gains in reading and writing that surpass national averages. The findings, compiled in a report titled Impact on Struggling Readers, are from a nationwide study, a case study of struggling readers in a Title I Ohio school, and a comparison study of sixth graders at a Title I South Carolina school. The Impact report is available at https://www.whooosreading.org/documents/WR_Impact.pdf.

The first study in the report, “Proven Nationwide Growth in Reading and Writing,” evaluated the progress of more than 2,700 students across the United States, all of whom used Whooo’s Reading during the 2014-15 school year. The students’ growth in reading and writing was evaluated through the scores they received for answering higher-order thinking questions aligned with state standards and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

All of the students proceeded to read more advanced books after using Whooo’s Reading, progressing an average of 101L, about one grade level. Students who began the school year reading below their grade level showed the most progress, gaining an average of 273L, the equivalent of almost three grade levels. Both the overall and struggling reader gains were greater than the expected average gain for the time period, 73L.

The second study, “Empowering Non-Proficient Readers,” measured the growth of 52 non-proficient readers in the sixth grade using Whooo’s Reading. The reading score data was collected from two Moby Max tests, which were administered in August and December of 2015. The students’ increase in reading skills was more than four times greater than the national growth rate established by a 2013-2014 National Lexile Assessment.

Finally, the “Closing the Achievement Gap” study compared the Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) test results of a group of sixth graders who used Whooo’s Reading against a control group from the same school. The group using the platform showed 50 percent more progress than the control group.

A notable difference between the two groups was that, while the Whooo’s Reading users had an equal growth rate among students of all backgrounds, in the control group, white students’ progress outpaced that of black students. Even more noteworthy was the fact that African-American students using Whooo’s Reading saw their reading scores rise three times more than the African-American students in the control group.

“These three studies validate our approach of motivating students to read on their own and honing their comprehension and writing skills,” said Raphael Menko, co-founder of Whooo’s Reading. “Even in the digital age, information is primarily available in the form of text. And when you consider that that information is constantly flowing and changing, it’s clear that being able to read and understand what you’ve read is more vital than ever before. We’re delighted with these results and we’ll keep improving and testing in order to give kids a solid foundation for academic and career success.”

Specifically designed with the motto ‘make sure the kids always win,’ the lively Whooo’s Reading platform makes reading fun by giving students the power of choice, allowing them to read fiction or nonfiction material while incorporating online game elements preferred by today’s digital natives.

Students using Whooo’s Reading via their secure personal profiles are inspired to read and think critically—and when doing so, are rewarded with virtual Wisdom Coins to personalize and embellish their Owlvatar. This adds a sense of ownership to their work, which motivates them to try harder, thereby improving reading, comprehension and writing skills. Students are encouraged to engage with peers within their class’s interactive newsfeed, which displays the books, comments and responses of their classmates, promoting collaboration and deeper engagement.

Teachers can either use Whooo’s Reading’s preloaded questions aligned with specific standards or create their own question prompts to promote comprehension. The questions hold students accountable to their independent reading, and teachers have the ability to review each student’s reading responses and give qualitative and quantitative feedback. For a long-range view, teachers can further monitor students’ reading level increases using their preferred comprehension measuring method, including Lexile, Fountas and Pinnell, Reading Recovery, Rigby, and DRA.

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