Learn2Earn – 100 Mill. Minutes Logged

Learn2Earn Students Log 100 Million Minutes of Reading 

Brayden Charcoal from Fort Smith, Ark., makes the milestone minute and earns an e-reader

San Diego — Nov. 9, 2015 — Since the inception of the Learn2Earn platform in September 2013, hundreds of thousands of K-8 readers have been using the Whooo’s Reading program and the Reading-Raiser Read-A-Thon system to log the number of minutes they spend reading on their own. Today, Learn2Earn announced a new milestone: Brayden Charcoal of Euper Laner Elementary School in Fort Smith, Ark., has logged the 100 millionth minute of reading. Learn2Earn will celebrate this landmark moment by awarding Charcoal with a NOOK e-reader from Barnes & Noble, Inc., (NYSE:BKS). His classmates will have a reading party throw by Learn2Earn, who will supply captivating and fun reading materials.

“Having the one hundred million minute logged in little over a school year confirms that we’ve succeeded in our vision of making reading fun and engaging for students, something that educators find challenging,” said Hayley Brooks, Learn2Earn CEO and co-founder. “I’ve been personally excited about the astounding increases we have seen in our total number of minutes read as the current school year has taken off. On the weekend of September 19 alone, students logged more than 1M minutes of reading. And in all, students have logged more than 1.1M books read since the launch of Whooo’s Reading.”

Specifically designed with the motto “make sure the kids always win,” the lively Whooo’s Reading platform makes reading fun by giving students the power of choice, allowing them to read what they want while incorporating online game elements preferred by today’s digital natives.

A recent study of more than 2,700 students in grades one through five revealed that a year of consistently using the platform resulted in students significantly increasing the text complexity of the books they chose, as determined by Lexile measures. The increase in text complexity was particularly pronounced for students who began the year reading books that were below-grade level difficulty. For example, the books read by struggling third-grade readers increased in text complexity by more than 300L on average while books chosen by normal to strong readers in that grade level increased by an average of 120L.

Whooo’s Reading hones students’ reading comprehension by enabling teachers to preselect prompts that give students the option of answering a Common Core-aligned questions. The platform adds a gamification element for students by awarding Wisdom Coins based on the amount of minutes logged and their answer to the comprehension question. Students then use those coins to “buy” virtual accessories from the platform’s Owl Store that are used to customize the owl avatars (called Owlvatars). Teachers grade students’ answers, provide feedback either publicly or privately, and review the reading progress for both individual students and the class as a whole. Whooo’s Reading includes a social aspect that allows students to share book recommendations as well as comment each other’s book reviews.

About Learn2Earn

Learn2Earn is a young startup company focused on providing a 21st-century alternative to traditional literacy programs and school fundraising platforms. Unlike other reading or fundraising programs, their service is child-centric rather than educator-centric. That means that everything they develop is focused on benefitting the children who use it, on making reading fun, and improving specific reading and writing skills as outlined in the Common Core State Standards. In the area of fundraising, they offer something that most fundraising companies don’t: an educational platform for schools to use to raise money. Students aren’t selling; they’re improving their reading skills. For more information, visit https://www.learn2earn.org

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