Osprey – Eastman Chemical

Systems Analyst for Streaming Media and Digital Signage George Baker has managed Eastman Chemical’s multimedia infrastructure since 1999. Baker serves as the global specialty chemical company’s media technology futurist, identifying and implementing leading-edge tools that advance the company’s outreach.

In 2007, Baker built encoders for a new HDMI digital signage system designed to stream live corporate town halls and a 24/7 news feed. And he chose Osprey 100 PCI video-only cards for his devices. “They’ve been working flawlessly,” he reported. “Osprey cards are so dependable, they’re maintenance-free. I just configure the software and forget about it ”

The cards worked so well and for so long that Baker took a screenshot of an encoder showing 509 days 3 hours and 21 minutes of continuous functioning. “It actually went for much longer, but that’s when I took the screenshot,” he said.”One actually went two years without having to be rebooted.” The cause for the reboot was the maintenance staff’s cutting the facility’s electricity to deal with a repair issue.

This was not Baker’s first experience with Osprey video capture cards. He originally purchased an Osprey card in the late 1990s. “I didn’t have to go back because they’re so dependable. That’s their only problem; they work too well,” he joked. He has used other video capture cards during his time at Eastman Chemical, including ones that captured and delivered both video and audio. “I’m not sure what we’ve done with them, I can’t remember,” Baker said. “They weren’t of the same caliber as Osprey.”

Eastman Chemical is currently upgrading to a new digital signage program that will have video streaming both on the company website and on signage. And Baker is turning to Osprey by Variosystems for new HDMI cards. “As a company, Osprey is recognized as a leader in the industry,” he said. “I know what I’m going to get when I purchase Osprey.”

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