K-12 and EdTech PR Agency Offering a Unique and Personalized Approach

Nickel Communications Public Relations

The education technology industry is constantly growing and changing, and we believe your PR and marketing strategies should, too. By combining proven PR tactics and social media techniques with a constantly evolving personalized approach based on your business’s goals, each of our campaigns is uniquely designed to drive greater awareness among key stakeholders, substantially expand sales, and increase market share for clients.

As a small firm, Nickel Communications strives every day to connect with our clients on a personal level, as we believe this leads to our clients’ success on the corporate and professional level. This approach gives us deeper insight into your business’ needs, helps us spot unique opportunities to market your business, and helps to provide the personal element that enriches your organization’s story.

In the News


  • Nickel Communications consistently sends on-target pitches that let us know they have taken the time to know our audience and content. Their long experience in the edtech industry gives them an advantage over PR firms with less experience because they know the language and nuances of this niche industry. I know that when I need a resource for an article, I can turn to Nickel Communications to find information that is appropriate, professional, and timely.
  • Charlotte Andrist and Nickel Communications are wonderful partners for our nonprofit––their agency has become a true extension of our team. Charlotte takes the time to fully understand our business and our vision, and the goals we are trying to achieve. She believes in the work that we do and her partnership helps us better serve students and schools.
  • Charlotte and I have worked together since 2007––she is a pleasure to work with and a wonderful PR professional. She has a great finesse for handling the intricacies of working with K-12 administrators, and her ability to quickly establish a strong rapport with these individuals allows her to tell the stories that help drive our message. Charlotte’s relationships with key education reporters and editors enable her to be incredibly effective at what she does, from handling media requests to pitching articles. Her efforts have helped Gaggle build a stronger story to inform...